Uncle Vernon

2.1. Ron rescues Harry (Season 2!)

"I'll be in my bedroom, making no noise, and pretending I'm not there."

We are excited to begin season 2 of Mimblewimble where we will be discussing Book 2 of the Harry Potter series: The Chamber of Secrets.

In the first episode of season 2, we are going to discuss the events leading up to Ron rescuing Harry. Why does he need rescuing when it's just the beginning of the book? Well, Harry is back at Uncle Vernon and Aunt Petunia's place. He is bored out of his mind and lonely because none of his friends wrote to him whole summer. Because he is with his relatives, he has to participate in a very hyped up dinner with a potential business partner of Uncle Vernon's. 'Participate' is a strong word as all he has to do his hide in his bedroom and pretend he doesn't exist. 

Things would have been okay...boring but okay, had it not been for the sudden appearance of the house elf, Dobby. Dobby is a funny little creature with a terrible fashion sense. He warns Harry against going to Hogwarts that year as horrible things are about to happen there. Harry is dismayed. He would rather be adventurous and have multiple near-death experiences than stay at his Aunt's and be bored out of his mind. 

But Dobby doesn't empathize. Turns out, he's been blocking all of Harry's letters too. He tries to force Harry to promise that he won't go back to Hogwarts (Tough love!) When he refuses, Dobby uses his own brand of magic to bring Aunt Petunia's pudding crashing down on the kitchen floor and then, he disappears. 

This event invokes an official warning from the Ministry of Magic. Though the appearance of the owl scares away the potential business partners, Uncle Vernon is overjoyed to find out that Harry is not allowed to do magic.

You'll never believe what happens next.


In this episode, this segment features Jyotsna Hariharan, a listener and a friend of the podcast.

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You can prepare for this episode by reading

  • Chapter 1: The Worst Birthday

  • Chapter 2: Dobby's Warning

  • Chapter 3: The Burrow

of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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The Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic that Aishwarya refers to during the episode: https://www.smbc-comics.com/comic/2015-02-01