3.3 Hermione visits Hogsmeade

Hello again!

It’s Hagrid’s first class teaching Care of Magical creatures and it’s off to a rocky start. Hagrid shows the class a new half-horse, half-bird creature called a Hippogriff and gets Harry to even ride on one. But trouble comes in the form on Malfoy who taunts the creature and get’s injured. His father would surely hear about this!

Two days later, Malfoy joins the class for Potions and taunts Harry for not going after Sirius Black who is rumoured to be sighted, not too far from Hogwarts. Snape bullies Neville and takes away points from him because his Shrinking potion did exactly what it was supposed to do - only thanks to Hermione. However, Neville’s spirit is lifted by Professor Lupin, who’s first class goes much better than Hagrid’s. He introduces the class to a shape-shifting entity that feeds on fear. Everyone gets to tackle the boggart, except Harry, who worries that Lupin seeing him faint at the sight of a dementor might have lead him to think that he was a coward. But later on, Lupin clarifies that isn’t the case and that he did not want the Boggart to turn into Voldemort in his class. He also sees Lupin drink a mysterious potion made by Snape.

It’s Oliver Wood’s last year in Hogwarts and Harry is determined to get the Wuidditch cup for him this year. Harry is bummed because everyone gets to go to Hogsmeade during Halloween but him. After Hermione and Ron are back from Hogsmeade and an excellent feast is had, the Gryffindors discover that the portrait of the fat lady was attacked by Sirius Black.


  • We’re trying out a new setup so really, tell us how we sound

  • Aishwarya thought it was weird that Harry would pet Buckbeak on the beak - are beaks super sensitive? Prashanthini, on the other hand, thinks that’s the part that Harry, a short teenager, could reach

  • Oh, Hagrid.


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