2.3. Ron goes to Hermione's defense

"Eat slugs, Malfoy!"

In episode 3 of season 2, we discuss the events leading up to Ron coming to Hermione's defense. From what? Let's find out.

After they find out that they cannot get past the barrier in platform 9 3/4, Ron and Harry put their heads together to come up with a misguided and dangerous plan. They decide to ride the flying car to Hogwarts. What could go wrong, right? Turns out, everything.

  • Well, the car is seen by some muggles

  • The car loses juice and starts to protest against the long drive.

  • They hit a tree in the Hogwarts ground. The only tree that hits back

  • Ron breaks his wand.

  • The car throws Harry and Ron out and drives itself into the forbidden forest.

  • Finally, they get caught by Snape who is hell-bent on getting them expelled.

Dumbledore arrives to save the day and lets them off with a detention. But their bad luck does not stop there. Ron gets a howler from Mrs. Weasley and Harry gets a lecture from Professor Lockhart. Harry, to his annoyance, gets a 'FAN' (not Ginny), who follows him around taking pictures and attracting more attention. 

You'd think things would get better for Harry at the Quidditch practice. But the Gryffindor team's practice is interrupted by the Slytherin team. They show off their brand new Nimbus 2001s, generously donated to them by Mr. Malfoy to get his son on the team.

When Hermione points out that nobody in the Gryffindor team bought their way in, Draco Malfoy calls her a nasty word. That's when Ron goes to Hermione's defense.


In this episode, this segment features Shruthi Venkatesh, a friend and listener of the podcast.

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You can prepare for this episode by reading

  • Chapter 5: The Whomping Willow

  • Chapter 6: Gilderoy Lockhart

  • Chapter 7: Mudbloods and Murmurs

of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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The very cute illustration of Snape’s first appearance in the Chamber of secrets.

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