3. Harry gets sorted

"We got Potter! We got Potter!"

In the third episode of Mimblewimble, our discussion starts right where we left off in the second episode: a wand choosing Harry. We end the discussion when Harry gets sorted.

In between these two events, Harry reads his textbooks, names his owl, travels to London with the Dursleys, finds Platform 9 and 3/4 at King's Cross, boards the train, makes a new friend, and gets sorted into a House at Hogwarts.

Are you just starting the Harry Potter series? No problem. Here's what you should read before listening to this episode from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone -

Chapter 5: Diagon Alley (we start at the end of this one)

Chapter 6: Platform Nine and Three-Quarters

Chapter 7: The Sorting Hat (we stop midway through this one)

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JK Rowling's entry about owls in Pottermore

Why Harry Potter is great literature by Brian Brown

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We couldn't find the right 'Harry gets sorted into Hufflepuff' fics but here are some popular ones from ff.net (Aishwarya hasn't read either of them so can't vouch):

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