2.7. Ron's friend is petrified

This episode is all about the events leading up to everyone’s worst fears since we discovered there’s a monster on the loose attacking Muggleborns. Before Ron discovers that his friend is the latest victim, he:

  • (and Harry) discovers a suspicious diary in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom. He’s very skeptical of it because books can be dangerous (beyond just giving you dangerous ideas) but Harry picks it up and carries it around anyway.

  • suspects that Hermione might have given Lockhart a valentine. He is also around when Harry is forced to listen to his humiliating valentine.

  • is not present when Harry writes his name on a page in T.M Riddle’s diary and discovers that the diary can write back. The diary belongs to someone who caught the person who previously opened the Chamber and you’ll never believe what happens next. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

  • thinks that Riddle sounds shifty because he turned Hagrid in. He also picks classes sensibly instead of making choices based on someone else’s choices (AHEM).

  • is sympathetic when the diary is stolen and also concludes that it’s a probably a Gryffindor who stole is.

  • is with Harry when they find out that the latest victim is their friend, Hermione Granger :(


You can prepare for this episode (can you ever be prepared enough for this, though?) by reading:

  • Chapter 13: The Very Secret Diary

  • Chapter 14: Cornelius Fudge

of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

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