6. Harry meets Dumbledore

"We're not stupid. We know we are called Gred and Forge."


In the sixth episode, we discuss everything that happens between Harry getting a new friend and Harry meeting Dumbledore.

After the Harry Potter trio, as we know now, is formed, we can see them helping each other out as any trio should. Hermione helps by lending Harry a copy of "Quidditch through the ages" and Ron helps Harry by saying mean things about Snape behind his back. Harry's first Quidditch match is against Slytherin. If Gryffindor wins, they might win the House cup. If they don't Slytherin might win for the eighth time in a row. With so much riding on the outcome, Harry is understandably nervous. During the match, Harry loses control of his broomstick. Hermione realizes that Snape is messing with Harry's broom, thinks quickly on her feet, distracts Snape and saves Harry. He goes on to catch the snitch and win the match for Gryffindor. When they discuss Snape's broom tampering with Hagrid, he lets slip that someone called Nicolas Flamel is involved with whatever the three-headed-dog is guarding. After that, the trio makes it their mission to find out who Nicolas Flamel is. Christmas comes. Harry receives a mysterious birthday present which Ron rightly identifies as an invisibility cloak. Harry uses it to go to the restricted section of the school library and find out about Nicolas Flamel. But he almost gets caught by Filch and Snape. He enters a disused classroom and finds the Mirror of Erised. He is consumed by what he sees in the mirror and keeps coming back until Dumbledore intervenes and tells him that the mirror was going to be moved and that he should not go looking for it.


We also have our first Harry Potter story shared by a listener and a friend of the podcast - Manasvini Ravi.

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Are you just starting the Harry Potter series? No problem. Here's what you should read before listening to this episode from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone -

Chapter 11: Quidditch

Chapter 12: The Mirror of Erised

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