2.5. Ron finds out Harry's secret

"Training for the Ballet, Potter?"

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After Ron learns about the Chamber of Secrets, he thinks it's just like Salazar Slytherin to do something this twisted. He is also disgusted to find out that the whole school somehow came to the conclusion that it is Harry who is behind all the attacks. 

Harry, Ron and Hermione go back to the scene of crime to investigate. There, they find many spiders leaving the castle. Ron reveals that he has a fear of spiders much to Hermione's amusement. They go to the out-of-order girl's bathroom and talk to Moaning Myrtle about the night of the attack.

The trio strongly suspects Malfoy, and Hermione comes up with an idea to make him confess to them - the Polyjuice potion. The fact that Hermione is leading the charge to break about 50 school rules shocks Harry and Ron.

During the first match of the season, Harry is followed around by a rogue bludger. He catches the snitch and wins the game against the Slytherins with their superior brooms, but still ends up in the Hospital wing, thanks to the bludger and Lockhart.

Dobby visits him and reveals that the Chamber had been opened before but this time around, it is particularly dangerous for Harry even though he is a half-blood. Their conversation is cut short by Dumbledore and McGonagall bringing in the petrified body of Colin Creevey, poor guy. 

Lockhart starts a dueling club where Harry is paired with Malfoy for a duel. Things turn nasty quickly and Malfoy (with the help of Snape), ends up setting a snake on Harry. You will never believe what happens next.


In this episode, this segment features Vinoth Shankaran, a friend and listener of the podcast.

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