5. Harry gets a new friend

"Swish and Flick"

In the fifth episode, we discuss the events of Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone that happen between Harry becoming a seeker and Harry getting a new friend.

Lots of exciting stuff happens between these two events. Malfoy challenges Harry to a midnight duel that is obviously a trap to get him into trouble. Hermione, while trying to stop them from going, ends up with them in the trophy room. All three of them run into the three-headed dog in the forbidden corridor but somehow come back to the dorm in one piece. Harry gets a kickass new broom and starts practicing for Quidditch. Ron upsets Hermione who skips the Halloween feast to stay in the bathroom and cry. A troll is set loose in Hogwarts. Ron and Harry hurry to save Hermione. The three come out of the troll encounter alive with their differences forgotten, with friendship blossoming. JK Rowling's sense of humor is at its finest in these chapters.

Harry Potter Stories

We are starting a new segment called Harry Potter stories. Every Harry Potter fan has a story about when and how they started reading the series and what it means to them. We wanna hear it! In this episode, we share our own Harry Potter stories. From the next episode, we will be playing the stories sent in by our listeners. 

If you are interested in sharing your story with us, just record yourself telling the story of how you starting reading the books and send it to mimblewimblepodcast@gmail.com.

We can't wait to hear your stories! We will start sharing listener stories from the next episode. 

Are you just starting the Harry Potter series? No problem. Here's what you should read before listening to this episode from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone -

Chapter 9: The Midnight Duel (we start midway through this one)

Chapter 10: Halloween

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Oops! We refer to baseball when we're talking about the Superbowl when we should have been talking about football. There's a good reason we aren't getting paid to do this full time.

The original forty - An entry on Pottermore where JK Rowling shares the names of the original forty students who were supposed to study with Harry.

Rik Mayall, who was supposed to play Peeves in the movie, talks about why his part was cut

Our favorite "Troll in the dungeon" meme 😂

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