Harry Potter pickup lines for the Potterheads

Usually, Valentine's day doesn't really excite us. Now that we have a podcast, we couldn't stop thinking about the interesting romantic pairings in the Harry Potter series. Some of them are adorable and athletic (Harry and Ginny), some are the cliched opposites that attracted (Hermione and Ron) and some are unexpected but perfect (Tonks and Lupin).

If you are a single Potterhead in search of a soulmate, sitting here and thinking about these couples is not going to help you. So we came up with a few pickup lines that you could use on your fellow Potterheads to get a date this Valentine's day (or get a strong talking to).

Harry Potter and the unhappy childhoods

There’s no doubt that Harry Potter’s childhood was unhappy. He was taunted, bullied and lied to by the Dursleys. He was also threatened, deprived of food and locked up in his room in a few instances. He grew up without a friend his age or even an adult he could trust. When an adult finally came to save him, it was only because he was a wizard and not because he was mistreated.

We touched upon this a little bit in the first episode of our podcast. But we couldn’t deep dive into this topic because we want the podcast to be spoiler free. So here are my residual thoughts from that discussion.

The Dursley’s treatment of Harry cannot be classified as “abuse” in the face of law as his need for food, clothing, and shelter are taken care of. But it so only because worse things happen to children in the world, not because he had a “normal childhood” in any sense of the term.

But does this shape Harry the adolescent and Harry the adult? Let's find out.