By Prashanthini

Timeless Harry Potter Memes

2011 was a sad year for Harry Potter fans everywhere. We'd just gotten over the fact that there would be no more Harry Potter books*. But after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 released, there would be no more movies either!* (Not that the book-ending and the movie-ending grief was comparable.) The franchise was over for good and we had to say goodbye*.

Fans coped with this in various ways. Some wrote fanfiction and continued the story or took it down roads not taken, some created art and some became authors and wrote their own worlds (Wow)! 

Here's how I coped. I collected Tom Felton pictures. Remember Tom Felton? The blonde guy who played Draco Malfoy, Harry-Potter-obsessor and creator of Weasley-Is-Our-King?

Harry Potter memes - Tom-Felton-tom-felton.jpg

So, I had a few pictures of him. Can you blame me? I mean, look at him!

Okay, so few is a bad descriptor.


Okay, a lot.

But I didn't stalk him or anything. I just downloaded his likeness and stored it in a folder in my computer for me to pull up and occasionally gaze at (Instagram was not big yet).

When we started Mimblewimble - the Harry Potter podcast, something sent me hunting through my old computer and I found that along with many, many, many pictures of Tom Felton, I had also collected Harry Potter memes. 

Because I can, I'm going to share my favorite memes here.

1.Harry potter and the love story of the generation

Harry potter memes - Your future husband.jpg

2. Sassy Harry and the not-so-pleased Snape

Harry potter memes - This is why people try to kill you.jpg

3. Harry Potter and his face

Harry potter memes - Potter face.jpg

4. Harry potter and the buzzkill

Harry potter memes - Buzzkill.jpg

5. Harry potter and the story could have ended in book 1

Harry potter memes - You're a horcrux.jpg

6. Harry potter and his incredible timing

Harry Potter memes - Worst timing.jpg

7. Harry Potter and the actual hero of the book is Hermione

Harry Potter memes - I set fire.jpg

8. Harry potter and it's levi'o'sa not leviosaaa

Harry Potter memes - Avada.jpg

9. Harry potter and his noseless nemesis

Harry Potter memes - Nose.jpg

10. Harry potter and the map reading cat

Harry Potter memes - Mcgonagall.jpg

As it happens, 2011 was also witness to the The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1's release. Twilight fans and Harry Potter fans, not a mutually exclusive group, largely existed together in peace, until the Movie Gods decided to split the final Twilight movie into two parts ala Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. You'd never believe what happened next:

Harry potter memes - Sparkles.jpg
Harry potter memes - Say it out loud.jpg
Harry potter memes - Cho.jpg
(I actually think Kristen Stewart is a good actor but this is just hilarious.)

(I actually think Kristen Stewart is a good actor but this is just hilarious.)

How many of these memes do you remember? What are some of your favorite Harry Potter memes? Let me know in the comments.

I'd like to end this post with my favorite poster from my Creepy-Tom-Felton collection.

Harry potter memes - Tom Felton - Favorite poster.jpg

*I was so young and naive.



Harry Potter and the unhappy childhoods

There’s no doubt that Harry Potter’s childhood was unhappy. He was taunted, bullied and lied to by the Dursleys. He was also threatened, deprived of food and locked up in his room in a few instances. He grew up without a friend his age or even an adult he could trust. When an adult finally came to save him, it was only because he was a wizard and not because he was mistreated.

We touched upon this a little bit in the first episode of our podcast. But we couldn’t deep dive into this topic because we want the podcast to be spoiler free. So here are my residual thoughts from that discussion.

The Dursley’s treatment of Harry cannot be classified as “abuse” in the face of law as his need for food, clothing, and shelter are taken care of. But it so only because worse things happen to children in the world, not because he had a “normal childhood” in any sense of the term.

But does this shape Harry the adolescent and Harry the adult? Let's find out.