MEET AISHWARYA AND PRASHANTHINI - The awkward voices you hear on the podcast

When Aishwarya and Prashanthini became flat mates in 2014, the one thing they knew for sure that they had in common was Harry Potter. Over the years as they became better friends, they attempted to introduce each other to other art they loved.

While they both discovered a mutual love for movies with adults masquerading as teenagers (and makeovers) and Hamilton, that didn't extend to other serious loves*. Prashanthini did not find Doctor Who as fascinating and she laughed at all the wrong parts of Pride and Prejudice ("I cannot believe that they walk around the room to try to get some guy to notice them!"). Aishwarya fell asleep while trying to read The Master and Margarita and considers it an achievement that she's watched 13 episodes of The West Wing. Lots of things have changed over the course of their relationship but what hasn't changed is their love for Harry Potter. A frequently read series in the household (Prashanthini religiously re-read it every year), they spent hours discussing the books.

So, one day while lying around and feeling lazy (another mutual love), Prashanthini turned to Aishwarya and said, "We spend enough time talking about Harry Potter. Why don't we just record our conversations for other people to listen and join in?"

That, kids, is how Mimblewimble was born. 

Why you should listen to this podcast

Prashanthini has read the books atleast eleventy one times; she has three different sets of each book. Aishwarya has only one set but she once took a 'hard' Buzzfeed quiz and got 10/10.

*Prashanthini does not like Aishwarya's constant need to refer to herself in third person either.